Accessories for jewellery and fashion jewellery

Handicraft and creativity are the pillars needed to create unique products like jewels or any other precious item. The globalisation and the international scenario brought to a diversification of the products. The jewel manufacturers with a higher attention for the market trends have adapted to this new trend by creating simpler and more essential lines. Not only “METAL and STONES” but very often other materials – like leather, natural and technical materials – are finished so as to become precious.

Consumers’ tastes aren’t focused on an ‘elaborated’ jewel to wear only in rare occasions but on a FASHIONABLE ACCESSORY to show off and to change as often as possible.

In this context the items we manufacture – like cords for jewels, braids, round braided cords, trims and matching articles – have adapted to the sector’s needs since they embellish and highlight the already high quality of the jewel.

We offer customisable products in different sizes and thicknesses, adaptable to the constraints due to metal features and melting process, above all with reference to the locks of bracelets and necklaces.